Our Policies

This page is designed to give you an overview over the official positions of the Swedish Organization for Global Health. These positions reflect the organization as a whole and guide all of SOGHs activities. It is important to us to take a stand on the big global health issues and share our views with you.

SOGH Internal Regulations

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Policy on the Covid-19 pandemic

SOGH supports the scientific community directly engaged in the response to the pandemic and we are close to all people affected by it. Moreover, it is our responsibility as a global health organization to put some measures in place to prevent further spreading of the virus and share correct information with our followers through our channels.

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Environmental Sustainability Policy

During its five years as an organization, SOGH has primarily focused on the human aspect of health. However, it has become clear that human health cannot exist without considering the health of our planet. SOGH has therefore come to the conclusion that the only way to discuss health is in terms of planetary health.

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