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“Tasty Future Ahead” Fundraiser

The winter holidays are back! And with it our annual fundraising to support the amazing work of our SOGH Team.

Ready to engage? With a minimum of 50 SEK donation to “Tasty Future Ahead” you will receive a collection of recipes from all around the world!

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Several Open Positions: Apply today!

Would you like to work with a passionate team who cares deeply for people and the planet? Would you like to learn how a small NGO operates? Would you like to challenge what you have learned about global health and its definition? Then you should join our team!

We are looking for a Director and two bloggers to join the SOGH board. Would like to discover if this could be something for you?


We stand with all victims of violent conflicts!

Since February 24, a combination of different emotions and thoughts has characterized our lives as individuals as well as a team. The war in Ukraine is affecting many directly, and many more indirectly, both in the short and long term.

Indeed, another war means more health inequities, more traumatized children, many lives lost, and many more who will have to deal with mental health issues. It also means less attention to the Climate Emergency, resulting in long-term consequences for all people on this planet.

It goes without saying that we, the SOGH team, are against this war, as we are against any violent conflict that is happening in the world right now. We stand in solidarity with all the people affected by the war in Ukraine, from the Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing their home country to the Russians who are experiencing hate, and abuse by their own government. We also stand with all those people who were discriminated against at the Ukrainian boulders. The systemic racism that permeates our societies remains strong. We have encountered it time and time again, especially in relation to conflicts. We have seen it with the Syrian refugees coming to Europe, and again now with people of color fleeing Ukraine. 

Therefore, like many others before us, we call for a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution of this conflict, but we also call for more. We ask world leaders to use this conflict, so close to Western powers, to make a deeper reflection upon wars. It is time to call Unacceptable any war, no matter where it is. Meaning whether it is Ukraine or a place “further” away, like Yemen or Palestine, we need to stop pumping money into wars and redirect them to support health, social cohesion, and environmental protection. We also need to call Unacceptable any action that is degrading our environment. In fact, the more we destroy our planet, the more we will see conflicts starting or getting exacerbated. If we stand against war, we also need to ensure the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet. Those do not come as a package, they require commitment.

To all people affected by the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the conflict in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Palestine, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, and many more, we see you and stand with you all.

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