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Our mission is to improve the quality and accessibility of health care and health promotion through local and international partnerships


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Call for applications – Fundraising Manager

Are you creative, engaging and an idea-developer? Then apply now for the position of Fundraising Manager and become a part of the SOGH team!

Deadline: 8 November 2020

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The PopSci-Corner: Why Young Women In India Bear Their Children At A Very Young Age

Are our reproductive choices, such as when or if we decide to have children, actually our choice? In India, people are expected to have children at a young age. This affects young women’s ability to keep going to school and pursuing a career outside of their households and families!

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Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Nigeria

My vision of a wellbeing economy in Nigeria encompasses several aspects of our world. A wellbeing economy in Nigeria cannot be attained while the three main problems of health, insecurity and education exist. I’ll be exploring these issues in this blog post.

The Post COVID-19 World: Moving Beyond Building Back Better

This year we are bringing Global Health Night to you through a free online event. Join our expert speakers to discuss how the pandemic has brought about social inequalities and what actions we can take to move beyond building back better in a post pandemic world. Today we are sharing some thoughts on a post COVID-19 world to get you in the mood for Global Health Night 2020.


Swedish Organization for Global Health (SOGH) is a Swedish non-profit and non-governmental organization comprised  of students and young professionals who share a passion to contribute to global health through evidence-based action. Together with our local and international partners, we engage in conversations with local communities to co-develop projects that bring a concrete positive change and take environmental and economic sustainability into account . While supporting projects both in Sweden and in low-income countries, we use our virtual and physical platforms to bring awareness about some of the most neglected health topics, such as women’s reproductive health.


Since 2014 SOGH  works in collaboration with local leaders and in partnership with Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA) to provide effective support to women and infants during pregnancy and after childbirth in the Mayuge District in Southeastern Uganda where 1 in 49 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes.
Ekibadha: Our periods matter is a project on menstrual health in Uganda. Menstruation is still a taboo that effects the health of people who menstruate all around the world. In partnership with our longterm partner UDHA and ARCHIVE Global, SOGH has conducted a pilot study among girls and women in the Mayuge District in Southeastern Uganda.
Tanden Frisk is a project aiming at educating both children and parents, especially from socioeconomically deprived areas in Stockholm, in oral health care. Studies show a continuing inequality regarding oral health and caries frequency based on socioeconomic factors. This inequality is something that Tanden Frisk works to diminish though workshops.


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