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SOGH is a small volunteer-based organization. While we are always happy to hear about new opportunities and excited about possible new collaborations, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when contacting us:
  • We are a small organization and therefore cannot provide funds for projects.
  • Please contact us with a specific project or idea and explain how you think our organizations could work together.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

About Us

With us, In health, For all

Swedish Organization for Global Health (SOGH) is a Swedish non-profit and non-governmental organization comprised of students and young professionals who share a passion to contribute to global health through evidence-based action.Together with our local and international partners, we engage in conversations with local communities to co-develop projects that bring a concrete positive change and take environmental and economic sustainability into account . While supporting projects both in Sweden and in low-income countries, we use our virtual and physical platforms to bring awareness about some of the most neglected health topics, such as women’s reproductive health.

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Think Global, Act Local

Our Values

Our mission

Is to channel youth passion and talent to create a positive change in people’s health, from spreading knowledge about global and planetary health topics to concretely improving the quality and accessibility of health care in low-income settings

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Our values

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

  • Health equity – Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Gender equality – Goal 5: Empower all women and girls and make their health a priority
  • Youth talent – Goal 4.4: Support young people’s talent and give them the opportunity to thrive as future global health leaders
  • Environmental Sustainability – Goal 13: Always consider and reduce our environmental impact and be part of the global movement fighting the climate and ecological emergency we are facing
  • Transparency and Accountability in relation to all our partners (Goal 17) and donors

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Our Partners and Supporters

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Do you want to be actively involved? Do you want to be part of the team? Yes, We are hiring. Click Here! to see our open positions.

Meet the Team

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Dr. Israt Jahan Dowel


Dr. Israt Jahan Dowel is a Physician from Bangladesh, after her MBBS and Postgraduate training she completed her Master’s in public health from Lund University. Israt was awarded with Swedish international Scholarship from 2020 to 2022 and worked as a Global leader with SI team. Her previous experience working with Cancer patients made her determined to work on Global Health, disease prevention and improving quality of life. Israt is enthusiastic to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2030. Her special interest to work on health sectors, reducing poverty, ensuring equality. She is also doing research regarding treatment of Dementia patients collaborating with Lund University. Her best skills are Leadership, Team management, punctuality, and Flexibility. She loves to spend her leisure time on cooking, traveling, and spending times with family. To accomplish her dream on improving Global health and Crisis management, she has joined to the SOGH platform as Director.

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Keuleu Kamani Kelly

Vice Director

With a strong foundation in medical laboratory science and a passion for public health, Keuleu Kamani Kelly is a dedicated professional committed to making a positive impact on healthcare access and quality. Her experience in academia, NGO work, and blood donation initiatives showcases a well-rounded approach to improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations. Currently pursuing advanced studies in public health, Miss Kelly being the vice director at Swedish Organization for Global Health is poised to contribute significantly to the field of global health and continue her mission of promoting health equity worldwide.

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Dr. Appiah Theresa Catherine

Vice Director

Dr. Appiah Theresa Catherine, a distinguished physician from Ghana, began her medical journey at Ternopil State Medical University in Ukraine. She pursued further education, earning Master's degrees in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies from UPF-Barcelona School of Management and Global Health from Uppsala University. Motivated by her work with endometriosis patients, Dr. Appiah is deeply committed to advancing global health aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 2030. Her dedication extends to preventive medicine, poverty reduction, child rights, and equality. Currently interning with Child Rights Eurasia, she enjoys globe-trotting and culinary exploration during leisure time. As Vice Director at the SOGH platform, she continues her mission to improve global health and crisis management.

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Elise Devidts

External Relations Manager

After obtaining a master's degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management, I have decided to move to Sweden to continue my studies in the Global Health Master program of the University of Gothenburg. I am originally from France, but I have also studied in Thailand and Portugal. I am passionate about health emergency and disaster preparedness and I hope to be able to combine these topics with my logistic background in the future. I have previously volunteered in a charity focused on children's aid as a Partnership Manager. I'm excited to work as External Relations Manager at SOGH to collaborate with people sharing the same interests and goals.

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Dr. Michael Endale Mengesha

Fundraising Manager

Dr. Michael Endale Mengesha, an Ethiopian medical doctor, is deeply passionate about innovating healthcare. Graduating from Ethiopia's premier medical college, he has since pursued a diverse career. Alongside his roles as a part-time lecturer and researcher, he plays a crucial role in an innovative project at WeCare Integrated Health Network, aimed at revolutionizing digital health in Ethiopia. Additionally, he is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Health Economics at Umea University in Sweden, demonstrating his dedication to addressing healthcare challenges through interdisciplinary approaches. As a fundraising manager for the Swedish Organization for Global Health, he collaborates with international donors to support health initiatives in low-income countries. With his clinical expertise, research skills, and drive for change, Michael aims to leave a lasting impact on healthcare, tackling pressing issues along the way.

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Priyanka Boga

Tanden Frisk Project Manager

My Name is Priyanka Boga and I am from India. I am a Dental surgeon and currently as Master's student at Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University. I am also the Tanden Frisk Project Manager for Swedish Organization for Global Health, Stockholm.
I am a creative and love to work on art and read when I am not studying or working.

What we do



The Dental Health Project within SOGH aims to address the knowledge gap in oral health caused by socioeconomic factors and lack of awareness.

This is achieved by:

  • Increasing awareness on neglected groups to key stakeholders.
  • Educating vulnerable groups i.e., women, children, and elderly.
  • Developing interdisciplinary collaborations.


Main Goals for the DCM Project

  1. Upload information/papers once a month in the blog/webpage
  2. Create interactive activities/homework for the SOGH family so we can all learn and understand our biases.
  3. Find 2 speakers to give a seminar/talk throughout the year.

We are actively involved



SOGH and UDHA, which are already working together on a project on maternal and newborn health in Uganda, decided to expand their partnership since they both were interested in knowing more about menstrual health in rural South-East Uganda. To explore the topic from a different and important new angle, SOGH connected with ARCHIVE to learn about living infrastructure’s impact on menstrual health. Two surveys were developed, one focusing on women’s/girls’ personal experience with menstruation (referred to as the SOGH survey) and one on the housing structures where women/girls live (referred to as the ARCHIVE survey). The surveys have the purpose to gather baseline data that could be used to develop a community-based project to improve menstrual health within the communities in Mayuge District, Uganda


Funders year 2018-2019: Volvo and civil society donations

SOGH established the Mama & Family Project in collaboration with Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA) in 2014. The Project is driven by Community Health Workers (CHWs) who visit expecting mothers in six villages in the Mayuge District providing information on antenatal and postnatal care, as well as encouraging mothers to deliver at the health facility. During the last five years, the Mama & Family Project has shown to be successful for improving birth preparedness, newborn care, mothers’ health, and increasing male involvement in pregnancy care.


Policy on the Covid-19 pandemic

SOGH supports the scientific community directly engaged in the response to the pandemic and we are close to all people affected by it. Moreover, it is our responsibility as a global health organization to put some measures in place to prevent further spreading of the virus and share correct information with our followers through our channels.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

During its five years as an organization, SOGH has primarily focused on the human aspect of health. However, it has become clear that human health cannot exist without considering the health of our planet. SOGH has therefore come to the conclusion that the only way to discuss health is in terms of planetary health.

Non-discrimination Policy

In light of the mounting protests against systemic and structural racism that have characterized the spring of 2020, SOGH team decided it was time to face the organization’s own role in perpetuating colonial structures that have been part of the global health field since its birth. An internal working group with the name of Decolonizing Minds (DCM) was formed to keep the conversation alive and constant while developing some practical actions to shift global health towards more fair, equal and just ground.

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I am honored to share that, I have joined as Director of the Swedish Organization for Global Health. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead such an esteemed organization with a long history of making significant contributions to Global Health.Currently I am working as a palliative care consultant, Oncology Department at United Hospital Limited.

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The Mama & Family Project is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering women and strengthening families. Through a range of tailored programs and resources, it provides women with the tools and support needed to thrive in various aspects of their lives, fostering both personal and familial growth. With its holistic approach, the project stands as a beacon of empowerment, championing the well-being and advancement of women and families alike

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Mama and Family Project

The EKibadha: Our Periods Matter Program helped me develop the level of communication skills I never thought I would reach. As a community relations officer and intern during the Project, I learnt how to speak to people about intricate issues and also gather data from diverse individuals

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Ms. Victoria Naula

Project Intern

So my teeth were more important than i thought? I got a new insight about oral health after listening to volunteers from SOGH who gave us a seminar on dental health. It's surprising that my teeth is of such great concern to another person.

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Tenden Frisk Seminar Guest

I got the opportunity to be a delegate at the Berlin World Health Summit.As a researcher, I needed a source of materials and motivation to drive my research to a higher level. When i heard of Decolonizing Minds, and worked with the SOGH on that, I knew that my furture research will not just be objective, but useful and people-centred

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Researcher, KI

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