Mirja Mohseni

Tanden Frisk Incoming Project Manager

Mirja Mohseni is dental student at Karolinska Institutet and has completed two out of five years. Her background consists of a Bachelor degree as a dental technician, but she felt an urge to pursue a higher degree in dentistry due to her interest in interacting with people and to provide help for those in need of dental therapy. She is from a small village, Svalöv, in southern Sweden where she grew up and later on moved to Malmö for her university studies. Upon completion of her Bachelor degree, she moved to Nora, Örebro län and worked in Folktandvården.​

Early in life, Mirja has been in contact with a Swedish aid organization and been involved in various questions. This has affected her interests in aid work and humanity. She is driven to help people with different needs, whether with larger or smaller tasks. She joined SOGH as a soon-to-be general manager of the project Tanden Frisk shortly after she realized that many people in Sweden live their lives in exile which also affects their — and their children’s — oral health. It is an interaction between different factors that helps to maintain good oral health, and some people in the community still have difficulties to achieve this due to circumstances they are facing or their lack of knowledge in dental health. Mirja deals with these issues in her work at Tanden Frisk and wants to educate young individuals and work preventively towards good oral health. In order to improve knowledge and minimize the gaps between individuals in the community long-term, Mirja and her team focus on elementary schools and offer all children workshops in the classrooms. The main goal of the project is to have these children become more involved in their oral hygiene and gain knowledge in their early ages.