Jing Zhang (张婧)

Financial Manager

Jing is currently a second year Master’s student in Health Economics, Policy and Management at Karolinska Institutet. She was born and used to live in China and has a background in healthcare finance. She earned her first master’s degree in International Entrepreneurship Management at the University of Limerick (Ireland) in 2017. This experience inspired her interest to work with promoting a healthier society by innovation. Jing has always had a strong hope to contributing to the improvement of healthcare systems. She also gained an interest in ageing populations after enrolling in a volunteer-project in China about elderly people and their quality of life.

Jing joined the SOGH team as the Financial Manager in September 2019. She believes that work together with a group of fantastic people sharing the same values for a healthier world is meaningful. In this role, she has the responsibility to maintain the organization safety, transparency, and accountability to all the stakeholders. Also, she wants to improve her manager experience and use her knowledge to work in SOGH.

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