Felix Häggström

Projects Development Manager

Felix has a background in Political Science and is a recent Global Health graduate from the University of Copenhagen. He was born in Sweden, but spent parts of his childhood in Ethiopia and the US. While doing his master’s degree, Felix worked for a Danish NGO, where he managed a SRHR project together with Ethiopian partners. He also worked as a research assistant for a EU-financed study on school-based mental health interventions, targeted at young refugees in Denmark. In 2019, he moved back to Sweden and started working for the organisation Unga Drogförebyggare (Youth for Drug Prevention), where he is evaluating new, game-based methods to change attitudes towards drugs in schools.

Felix joined SOGH’s Project Development Team because he wanted to work analytically and put his experience of strategic project management to use, in order to address important global health issues in a resolute and systematic way.