Amanda Stein

Mama & Family Project director

Amanda is our project director for the Maama project. She started off as a documentary filmmaker and wanted her work to be used as a channel for voices that need to be heard. She early had a specific interest in women’s and children’s rights, which later took her through nursing school with the clear goal of becoming a midwife. Amanda holds a Master in International Health and has a never-waning interest in health inequity and especially in global sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). In recent years, she has been coordinating and collaborating in projects in Sweden, Romania and of course Uganda, all of which aim to improve access to health care for vulnerable people. Amanda has a long-term goal of working with quality assurance of midwifery educations and more generally with women’s and children’s access to quality care. This interest got her involved in SOGH and the Mama &Family Project in late 2015. She has been the proud project manager since autumn 2016.

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