Mama & Family Project – Summer Internship 2020

We are currently selecting interns who will be involved with the evaluation of the Mama & Family Project for the period 2019/2020, a project organized and managed by SOGH in collaboration with our Ugandan partner UDHA (Uganda Development and Health Associates).

The internship focuses on collecting quantitative and qualitative data, as well as starting the analysis of such data. The internship does not include clinical work with patients or specimens collection. However, the interns during their work will get in contact with women who are/were part of the project as well as with our nurse and midwife as well as the local community health workers. The intern will also have the opportunity to participate in formative assessment of introducing male health services to the project and starting a novel adolescent health program in the future. Therefore, you are kindly asked to show care, discretion and respect towards the women and their families and local communities.

“Join us this summer! Let’s work together to improve the health of families”

The applicants need to agree with a series of requirements, listed below, before going forward with her/his application:

  1. Willing to work in a team – The evaluation work will be done by a team of 5 to 7 individuals. Interns will be recruited both in Sweden and Uganda
  2. Willing to spend a few weeks in Uganda – The evaluation work will be carried out by the team between June and August 2020, for approximately 5 weeks. Once the interns have been recruited, dates of travel will be communicated. We encourage you to observe the travel dates and internship start date
  3. Willing to attend a series of meetings prior to departure – Compulsory weekly meetings will be held for the interns prior to departure to Uganda, staring in April. It is recommended that you attend the meetings in person or via Skype (unless you have a good reason to not be able to attend). These meetings will provide information regarding how to organize your trip to Uganda, necessary steps to undertake to be ready for departure and tips about life in Uganda. In addition, the interns will use part of these meetings’ time to develop strategies, questionnaires and qualitative tools for the evaluation, as well as become familiarized with SOGH and the previous Mama & Family Project evaluations.
  4. Willing to participate in writing the report – The SOGH evaluation report qualitative data analysis will be written by the interns together with the support of the SOGH team based in Stockholm and Uganda. Therefore, it is advisable  for you to attend our meetings in Stockholm after you have returned from Uganda, unless the report will be submitted at the end of the internship
  5. Willing to cover accommodation and travel expenses – Please note that this is a volunteer position, SOGH and UDHA unfortunately will not be able to provide any financial compensation. You are required to organise flight tickets as well as your accommodation in Uganda. However, UDHA can arrange accommodation at a fee as they have done for the past interns. SOGH will pay for the field transportation costs in Uganda as well as transport from and to Entebbe airport

How to apply

If you believe this is the right opportunity for you, we are excited to get to know you better. To apply to become a SOGH 2020 summer intern, kindly send the following documents to

  • Motivation letter (max 1 page) with why you are interested in this volunteer/internship position and confirmation that you will participate in the weekly pre-departure orientation and tool formulation meet-ups, starting in April
  • Curriculum vitae (please include your university background and/or current employer)

Deadline: March 31, 2020

We hope to hear from you soon and good luck!