SOGH’s mission on planetary health


Besides all the down-sides of Covid-19, the crisis has really drawn attention to the field of global health. A field that momentarily lives through some kind of  reinvention. Spurred by the parallel discussion about the urgency of climate change action, we are talking about the shift from global health to planetary health.



At SOGH we continuously reiterate this question, seeking to put it in practice. Our latest attempt led to a renewal of our Environmental Sustainability Policy, which includes a reflection on guiding concepts and principles, as well as specific steps and guidelines SOGH members are encouraged to follow. To give an example, at SOGH events we strive to adhere to a plant-based diet. This is not only beneficial in health terms, but a plant-based diet also has a significant impact on reducing CO2-emissions.



Another commitment SOGH makes is to actively engage in international and cross-sectional networks and debates. This year, SOGH members contributed to the Wellbeing Economy Alliance’s publication of the report Five Pathways Towards Health-Environment Policy in a Wellbeing Economy. In addition, SOGH was one of the many signatories of The São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health, a collaborative project by the Planetary Health Alliance. SOGH is also involved in the annual Global Health Night, which this year will be focusing on planetary health. Check out and register for the event on November 25th if you want to learn more and take part in debates around planetary health and environmental sustainability.



It might sometimes seem like the individual, or even a small organization like SOGH, has a very limited impact on the development of how these mammoth challenges, like climate change, are dealt with. However, the appearance of inspiring publications and events on what actions to take globally and individually provide us the scientific evidence base to continuously improve and adapt our work. We hope that SOGH’s efforts will encourage others to commit to more environmentally sustainable choices and unite all of us in this challenge together. We believe sharing ideas and practices is an important step to help advance the debates.

What actions would you like SOGH to take on planetary health and sustainability? Use the comment section below! You can also subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming events around this and other interesting topics.

BY: Christina Boger

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