Re-launching the SOGH Blog!

Hi everyone, welcome to the SOGH blog and thanks for being here! Whether you found your way here intentionally or stumbled across this blog, we are glad you did! The Swedish Organization for Global   Health is dedicated to ridding the world of health inequities and this blog is just one of the platforms we are using to propagate that mission. And you made it here just in time for the complete makeover! Find out what to expect from the brand new SOGH blog and why you won’t want to miss out on visiting us often!


Who are we?



First things first – Let’s begin with introducing ourselves: We are Avwerosuoghene and Fiona, the new bloggers for SOGH. Avwerosuo was born and raised in Nigeria. She is passionate about global health        issues and making a difference. She is a mystery novel buff, loves writing, and exploring different cultures and cuisines. Fiona, originally from Austria and now living in Sweden, is just as passionate about global public health and her heart beats for the well-being of our planet and its people. She is a nature addict who loves making music, dancing, and also enjoys writing.


Who are we trying to reach?

We want to use the SOGH blog to connect with everyone who has an interest in making a difference in global health, as well as anyone who just needs a reliable platform for health-based information. Whether you already have some knowledge about Global Health or this is completely unknown territory to you, there will be posts that suit everyone’s interests. In summary, this blog is for the general public, the health practitioners, health science students and other NGOs, like us, that share a passion for Global Health.


What will we be writing about?

We are re-launching the SOGH blog and we have decided to introduce several new categories where we will regularly post new articles. Here are some of the new categories we will be introducing:

  • Updates on new and current SOGH projects
  • Planetary Health
  • Awareness Days
  • Popular Science
  • Health Rights
  • Mental health
  • Global health news
  • NGO How-tos

We intend to have two new posts a month, but we are open to more as time goes by!


Girls Globe Blog

We will also continue regularly blogging on topics that are specifically related to women’s and girls’ health and rights for the Girls Globe blog, a fantastic platform for gender equality, human rights and social justice that you should check out – regardless of which gender you may belong to ​😉


Get involved

This is a platform for health promotion, awareness and enlightenment. We want you to be an active part of it. You as a reader are the heart of our blog and you can actively contribute to the content we create.           We would like to encourage you to take advantage of our comment function and reach out to us. Let us know who you are, what you do, what interests you the most and how we can make this blog even         better! Let’s become a community that together has the power to make positive changes.

Blogging for SOGH, bringing the vast world of health knowledge to you, our readers, is going to be an amazing journey we look forward to going on with you!

We are just a click away and ask that you check back soon! Thank you, till next time, dear readers!

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