Mama & Family Project


In 2014, we launched the Mama & Family Project, previously called the Maama Project, to provide effective support to women and infants during pregnancy and after childbirth. The project takes place in southeastern Uganda where the health care resources are limited and the challenges are many. SOGH works in collaboration with local leaders and in partnership with Uganda Development and Health Associates. The Project harnesses the power of communities by training community health workers (CHWs) to address many of the difficulties being faced by mothers and their infants.

Ekibadha: Our Periods Matter


Ekibadha: Our Periods Matter was born by the realization that menstruation is still a taboo that affects the health of people who menstruate all around the world. Even though SOGH has been working for several years with women in rural communities of South-East Uganda, we did not have any information about how these women were handling their menstrual health. Which products do they use? How often do they change? And where? Do they use painkillers?

In order to understand the needs of these women and how to work with them to improve their menstrual health, SOGH decided to partner with Uganda Development and Health Associates, long time partner already on the Mama & Family Project, and ARCHIVE Global, an American NGO that uses strategic interventions to the built environment to improve health outcomes in vulnerable communities around the world. A pilot study was designed and recently run among the communities already involved in SOGH’s work with the purpose of gathering baseline data that could be used to design and implement a sustainable and community-based project to improve menstrual health for all the women and girls living in these communities.

Tanden Frisk: Dental Health

Tanden Frisk is a new dental health project within SOGH, previously named Friska Gaddar which had the aim of promoting the dental health of unaccompanied refugee children in Stockholm. Tanden Frisk has the aim of educating both the young and their parents in oral health care, with a special focus on socioeconomically deprived areas in Stockholm. This will be done by carrying out workshops regarding dental health and oral health care habits for children and their parents.