Tanden Frisk


Tanden Frisk is a new dental health Project within SOGH, previosly named Friska Gaddar which had the aim of promoting the dental health of unaccompanied refugee children in Stockholm. Friska Gaddar conducted a couple of workshops in Järfälla before Tanden Frisk took over.

Tanden Frisk has the aim of educating both the young and their parents in oral health care, with a special focus on socioechonomically deprived areas in Stockholm. This will be done by carying out workshops regarding dental health and oral health care habits for children and their parents.

For more information on Tanden Frisk, feel free to contact our project managers Arthur Artlock and Mira Florin.

Arthur Artlock





Here are some impressions from the first workshop of the previous project, Friska Gaddar, in August 2017 at Järfalla gymnasium in Stockholm.

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