Friska Gaddar


The Friska Gaddar Project will be soon renovated by our new project managers (below). Stay tuned!

Arthur Artlock


Project from 2017:

Friska Gaddar (swedish slang for “healthy teeth”) is a newly started project with the aim of promoting the dental health of unaccompanied refugee children in Stockholm. During the last two years, several studies have highlighted inadequate dental health and knowledge of oral health among unaccompanied refugees (e.g. Mattila et al. 2016).

We at SOGH have realized that this poses a major problem for both society and individuals’ health and well-being. Therefore, we have launched a project for educational purposes by having workshops about dental health. Our target group consists of youths in senior high school between 15-19 years

Here are some impressions from the first workshop on 22 August 2017 at Järfalla gymnasium in Stockholm.

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