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Global Health Governance Seminar

The third seminar in the Global Health Politics series “Global Health Governance and the role of international organizations in Global Health”, discusses the convergence of global health, governance, and international organizations. We will have a rich panel of experts that will deepen in the current position of global health governance, analyze the role of major international organizations as well as the relationship with local governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and public-private partnerships. We will also explore the accomplishments and challenges faced by global health governance and potential solutions.
Come join us and participate in this interesting discussion!

International Earth Day Webinar

For the celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we would like to invite you to an event aimed at deepen what challenges are threatening both our and our Planet’s health. Natural disasters, climate governance and related socio-political issues, such as forced migrations and armed conflicts: what are their effects on human health? Do not forget that health is a very broad concept, it means physical health but also health systems, life quality, mental health.
Our goal is to highlight once again that planetary health and human health are strongly connected and that we have to act now and fast, with an interdisciplinary approach!
Join us for a challenging and insightful discussion!

SNIH Career Workshop

SNIH will be hosting a series of career workshops, with the aim to encourage global and public health students to engage in organisations, and help them build a bridge from studying to being professionals in their field. This is an opportunity for students to improve good quality presentational skills that are needed when applying for a job and working in the field of global or public health within the Nordic context.

International Trade & Global Health Seminar

Health and politics are deeply intertwined. Nevertheless medical and health science institutions for research, education and practice often maintain an “apolitical” approach to health. This leaves professionals in the field ill-equipped to critically reflect on the interaction of politics with health, and its implications on health policy.
Want to learn more about health and politics? Then join us for our Global Health Politics series co-organised with the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT). The second seminar focuses on International Trade & Global Health and how the activities of multinational corporations affect health.

Environmental Injustice Workshop

Some individuals, groups and communities are at special risk from environmental threats. This is especially the case for low-income populations, the working class, people of color and indigenous peoples whose livelihoods and health may be endangered by resource extraction, waste disposal and pollution in their neighborhoods, as well as hazards in their workplace.
Our speaker Tom Mels, Associate Professor of Social & Economic Geography at Uppsala University, will talk with us about these environmental (in)justices. So join us!


Do you feel stressed about the current situation? Do you miss going to the gym and excercise?
Join us for a relaxing yoga and meditation class!
Our skilled yoga instructor Sarah will help you relax your body and mind. The class will be suitable for beginners as well. Everyone can join us on Zoom by paying a donation (starting from 50kr). All proceeds will go to support our projects in the field.

“Public health for the future of humanity: One planet, One people, One health”

SOGH is now one of the supporting organizations and a signatory to the statement by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), European Public Health Association (EUPHA), Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SItI), and UK faculty of public health (FPH).

The statement focuses on the importance of investing in public health and care services and our responsibility to “work together as citizens of one planet to deliver the 2030 sustainable development goals”.

To read the statement, please click on the button below.

LSHTM COVID-19 Public Engagement Grant

We have been one of the recipients of the “COVID-19 Public Engagement Grant” of the London School of Hygene and Tropical Medicine for our Kodhi Kodhi Project!

“COVID-19 is not just about COVID-19. In fact, COVID-19 has an impact that goes beyond the disease it causes, jeopardising access to fundamental health services, with a long-term impact especially for the most vulnerable populations. For instance, pregnant women do not stop giving birth, so it is essential to continue to provide maternal services like the ones provided by Community Health Workers (CHWs) running the Mama & Family Project in six rural villages in Uganda. However, during this pandemic CHWs could also play a very central role in reducing the spread of the virus. Therefore, the Kodhi Kodhi Project will not only provide the necessary tools for the CHWs to continue working safely but will empower them to engage their entire communities in maintaining hygiene behaviours, such as hand washing. CHWs are trusted and well known for their health promotion activities, therefore their voices could trigger a long-lasting behavioural change that will have a positive outcome beyond COVID-19.”

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