Menayit Tamrat Dresse

Fundraising Manager

Menayit is a Medical Doctor with experience working as a physician and public
health advocate in her home country Ethiopia. Soon after graduating from
medical school, she went to the rural part of the country to serve as a General
Medical Practitioner at Hawa Gelan hospital holding different positions to
provide health care services for under-privileged parts of the community.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, she took the initiative to join the
front-line task force recruited by the Ministry of Health. She serves as a head
physician at the largest make-shift hospital in Ethiopia called Millennium
COVID Care Center. She leads and coordinates a team of physicians and
various psychosocial activities in the center. She also coordinates various
research undertaken at the center to make the fight against the pandemic
evidence-based. In addition, she is an active volunteer at Kalkidan Children’s
Health Care Organization and Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association.

Currently, Menayit moved to Sweden to start her Master’s in Public Health with
health economics specialization at Umeå university to complement her keen
interest in the public health field with further knowledge. She joined SOGH
passionately as fundraising manager, to contribute her share to global health
through evidence-based action.

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