Joshua Mwebaza

Project Coordinator at UDHA – Mama & Family Project

Joshua, who is Ugandan, is a “programs and results” oriented person with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Management. In addition, he holds certificates in ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ and ‘Youth Governance and Leadership’, among others. He had led a couple of projects as a Project Coordinator before and worked for many years in health and research.

In summer 2018, Joshua was part of the evaluation team for the Mama & Family project, and due to his great work he was appointed as the new Project Coordinator at UDHA. He decided to join the Project because he sees the need of increasing maternal and child health as well as nutrition services for pregnant women and children in and around Muyage district. He would like to improve maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes by strengthening health systems, using primary healthcare as an entry point.


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