Irene Provvidenza

External Relations Manager

Irene comes from Perugia, a city in central Italy, where she studied International Relations.
She moved to Stockholm for an internship, but decided to stay, because she realized this city really cares about human rights and it’s very rich in terms of NGOs and associations. She wanted to learn how to put all the theories she had learnt at  university into practice.
In finding SOGH, she thought it was her opportunity to do something important for  society and other people.
Since she has always liked to be in contact with people and to organize events, she chose the position of External Relations Manager and, through it, she aims to promote SOGH’s values and projects to as many people as possible.
Her goal is to help SOGH develop as an organization, making it a place where everyone, (regardless their background), can give their contribution to planetary health.

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