We would like to introduce our team that traveled to Uganda this week and will spend the next month in Iganga and Mayuge. During their time in Uganda, the team will collect data in order to evaluate our Maama Project and conduct a needs assessment on maternal mental health. They will also spend time getting to know our partner Uganda Development and Health Associates‘ work and projects. Follow their journey here!



I’m originally from Germany, earned a BSc Neuroscience in Scotland and have just completed the first year of my Master in Public Health and Epidemiology at Karolinska Instiutet. Shortly after coming to KI I’ve started working for SOGH, organising events to raise funds and to spread awareness for SOGH’s work. This summer I truly look forward to meeting our local partners and all the people that make the Maama project happen! I cannot wait to get to the field and to put the epidemiology skills I’ve learned into practice.

In my free time, my favourite pastime is dancing Lindy Hop – a swing dance from the 1930s. That’s why I hope to not only experience the global health perspective on Uganda, but also to explore the rich local cultures with music and dancing.



My name is Tania Neuman and I am a 25-year-old student from Stockholm, currently completing my fourth year at the psychology program at the Karolinska Institute. I’ve always been interested in development matters, and looking for ways to combine that interest with my studies in psychology. One of the things I find most appealing about SOGH’s way of working is the sustainability awareness, demonstrated by the focus on strengthening local initiatives rather than creating new projects without local attachment.

Doing this internship with SOGH will be a great learning experience for me, an opportunity to build upon my prior experience as well as exchanging knowledge with the local health workers.


I’m Amrita, studying an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Public Health in Disasters this year. I applied for this internship with SOGH because of the hands-on experience it will give me to get involved in a maternal healthcare project, and to both learn from and contribute to making the project better and improving maternal health in the community. I’ve previously worked on maternal health projects as part of the Masters in Global Health at KI, but only using secondary data, and so I’m really excited to be getting some first-hand field experience conducting interviews and gathering data for the evaluation of the project. SOGH’s Maama Project is a great initiative that is much needed in low-resource settings, and I’m honoured to be a part of it this summer.

I’m from Sri Lanka and have lived in Singapore, Spain and Sweden, and travelled to many other countries (it’s a slight addiction)! I’m a big fan of the wild outdoors, and love yoga, swimming and dancing in my spare time.



My name is Linn Persson. I grew up in Sundsvall, Sweden but I moved down to Gothenburg 2007 to start my medical studies. It was my urge to contribute to other people’s well-being and my interest for science that made me want to become a doctor. After I finished my studies I decided to stay in Gothenburg. I am now a medical doctor and a PhD candidate at the department for infectious diseases at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. I have for many years been interested in global and human rights issues and I have been involved in various non-profit organizations. During medical school I was very involved in IFMSA-Sweden. Together with some other medical students I took part in starting up a care home for homeless individuals suffering with tuberculosis in Lima, Peru. My big interest for global health and human rights issues made me apply to this internship. I am now very excited about going to Uganda. I hope that my previous experiences can prove useful during the internship and that I can contribute to this very important project.



My name is Erika Lejon Flodin and I am currently studying at the Political Science Master Program at Uppsala University. During my studies I have focused on gender equality and I have previous experience from conducting field studies in Rwanda on women’s political representation and child mortality. I was very happy to come across the opportunity to do an internship at the Swedish Organization for Global Health as the internship’s location and content covers many of my interests: gender equality, global health, Eastern Africa and research. The Maama Project is a very interesting and important project that contributes to equity and better life opportunities for many people. I am proud to be a part of the team that will evaluate the project in Uganda this summer and I am sure that it will be an invaluable experience for many reasons.



My name is Marjan Molemans, and I am in charge of the management and development of SOGH’s Maama Project in Uganda. I am a Public Health student at Karolinska Institutet. For my Masters in Sociology at KULeuven, I did fieldwork in Malawi on miners’ quality of work. I have also done research on maternal and children’s health care utilization in Bangladesh.

After working 7 months with the project, I’m looking forward to meeting UDHA staff, the community health workers and the mothers and seeing how it all works in real life.


My name is Evelina Linnros. I am a 25 years old and I’ve just finished my first semester at the master’s program in Economics at Stockholm University. I have a great interest in development studies, and I will focus my masters on development economics. I applied to the SOGH internship since I think it will provide me with an opportunity to gain experience in the field of maternal health by working with partners and participants in the Maama project as well as with other interns coming from different academic backgrounds.



My name is Hedvig Berntell and I am a Swedish woman and a recent master-graduate in Social Science and Social work. Through my master-thesis I specialised in sexual and reproductive health and rights in Senegal where I spent two months conducting interviews with peer-educators at International Planned Parenthoods Senegalese affiliate ASBEF (Senegalese Association for Families Wellbeing). I have previous experience from work with vulnerable groups, both as a social worker in Sweden and while working with harm-reduction and prevention of HIV-transmittance and substance-abuse in South-Africa during my bachelor-education.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights is a passion for me and my aim with this internship is partly to increase my knowledge with in this field. Through the preparation for the internship it has been a delight to learn more about SOGH’s Maama Project in Uganda and I feel happy to be able to contribute to the continuity of SOGH’s work. Together with Tania I have created the tool aiming to evaluate the possible prevalence of antenatal depression or postpartum-depression and I am especially looking forward to focus on mental health as a part of global health-issues.