Giorgia Dalla Libera Marchiori


Gio is an infectious diseases scientist by training and a non-profit leader by experience. However, she defines herself as a systems thinker because she believes people’s health and wellbeing could thrive just if we address issues at the system level.

She has been the director of SOGH since January 2019, but she joined the organization in 2017 when she was a master student in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet (KI). After graduating from KI, she worked as a researcher on a neglected tropical disease, called Visceral Leishmaniasis, at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. There she had the opportunity to engage with internal university’s groups that focus on planetary health advocacy and decolonizing global health activism. She brought her learning back to SOGH and, due to those experiences, she also decided to start a master in Sustainable Management at Uppsala University. She graduated in June 2021 with a thesis that focused on academic activism and responsibility. In May 2021, she also co-authored a policy paper titled “Five Pathways toward Health Environment Policy in a Wellbeing Economy” published by the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. Now she is working as Conference & Network Development Assistant at HealthCare Without Harm Europe, a non-profit organization based in Brussels.

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