Global Health Month at SOGH

As we make the transition from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into the new Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) period, global health and development has been a hot topic in international discussion forums and in daily media coverage. Much of this news coverage has... read more

LGBT health and rights in Rwanda

After having collected data and gathered information in Uganda for our Maama Project, we continued our journey into Rwanda to visit our other partner organization HDI (Health Development Initiative). HDI has been working in Rwanda in the field of public health and... read more

Health without wealth

Through SOGH and UDHA I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at the Iganga District Hospital located in the same area as the Maama project. I was hoping to learn more about the healthcare system in Uganda and experience working as a medical intern. Iganga... read more

Community outreach day with UDHA

On our first week of volunteer work at the Uganda Development Health and Associates, SOGH team joined an outreach and counselling intervention in the parish of Idudi, a small village of the eastern Iganga province. The outreach aimed at HIV/AIDS programs focused on... read more

Finally in the field

Finally we have started with what we came for – the evaluation of the Maama project! After several days of creating tools for the evaluation (interviews and questionnaires) we headed for the village called Maina, some 45 minutes outside Iganga. At their little clinic... read more

Where are you going?

Where are you going? – The typical phrase we hear as we walk along the streets of Iganga, asked by minibus or boda-boda (motorcycle) drivers, or just anyone wanting to help six mzungus in town. People assume us to be on our way somewhere, which makes sense because... read more

Welcome to the SOGH interns’ blog!

This is the place where we – the interns going to Uganda this summer – will take you with us on our journey. The 11th of June we’ll pack our bags, and hop on a plane with the final destination Iganga in sight. Iganga is located 4 hours from the capital Kampala, and... read more
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