Avwerosuoghene Onobrakpeya


Avwerosuo is pursuing further studies in Global health and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology. She is from Nigeria. Her interest in Global Health was born when she was exposed to several child defects- all because of lacklustre maternal and child healthcare facilities – during her internship programme. She is very passionate about public health issues and mental health, and this spurred her involvement in the DrinkiQ Initiative, Nigeria, which has a mission to curb alcoholism. She served as speaker, secretary and co-organizer. Avwerosuo has also been a freelance writer since 2016.

She recently joined SOGH as a blogger. Being actively involved in an organisation steering towards a world free of health inequities is in line with Avwerosuo’s goals. She is striving to be a global health leader that will make visible changes and revolutionize the public health, maternal, child health and mental health systems through health promotion, awareness programmes, actions and favourable policies. Being a blogger at SOGH is a position that will let Avwerosuo contribute to global health by creating awareness, educating and promoting health involvement. SOGH is a platform that will give Avwerosuo the opportunity to be involved in global health, helping her make a difference in the world and drawing her closer to her goals.

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