Ophelia Haanyama

Ophelia is an HIV activist and an author who has shared her experience of living with HIV through her book and international talks. She grew up in Zambia and moved to Sweden in 1991. Ophelia works as a senior advisor at Noaks Ark, she is a steering committee member at AIDS Action Europe and she is also involved with the work of EU’s HIV/AIDS Think Tank. Ophelia is also working as a senior advisor at the Centre for HIV Research at Karolinska Institutet.

Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones is on the faculty at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and serves on the Nobel foundation’s Science and Humanities Program Committee. He holds the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Ohio University, and a Certificate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He serves as an External Examiner at the Royal College of Art, London, and as a member of the board for “Change Lab”, the d. School, Stanford University. He has served on the faculties of Yale University, and Columbia University. A board member of numerous cultural organisations, he is also a member of an advisory group for the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. A participant with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera investigation, he assesses the significance and value of Exploration and it’s visual representation within a broad historical context.  His work as an artist is in the permanent collections of numerous international museums including MoMA, and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Peter Waiswa

Peter Waiswa is a medical doctor and a Post Doc at Karolinska Institute as well as a lecturer at the Department of Health Policy Planning and Management of Makerere University School of Public Health. Peter has worked as a district medical officer for eight years under the Ministry of Health in Uganda, he has extensive experience in health systems and health service management, and is also actively involved in community work in Uganda through supporting local community-based organizations.


Sarah Thomsen

Sarah Thomsen is Senior Policy Advisor in health and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) at the Africa Department at Sida, Stockholm. She is also Associate Professor in International Health at Karolinska Institutet, where she conducts behavioral research on HIV prevention. Previous work experience includes being a Senior Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Coordinator of the World Health doctoral programme at KI, the Scientific Coordinator of the EPI-4 project at KI, a senior consultant at the private company Indevelop, and a researcher at Family Health International in North Carolina, USA. Her policy expertise focuses on social determinants of health (equity), SRHR, HIV prevention, and gender equality. She is an experienced lecturer at both KI and Uppsala University and has published over 30 academic papers on these topics.

Clara Fischer

Clara moved to Sweden from Germany in 2013 and works as consultant for a public health market research organization. She graduated with a Master in Public Health Sciences from Karolinska Institutet, where she and two of her classmates started the Swedish Organization for Global Health to create a platform for students and young professionals who share the vision of a world free of health inequities. She was the director of SOGH from 2016 until the end of 2018.


Caroline Bjurnemark

Caroline is a first year master student at Karolinska Institutet and one of the previous directors of SOGH. Her interest in medicine as well as trips around the world has sparked a big interest in global health. Her ambition is to contribute to the field of global health and put existing knowledge into action. 


Giulia Gaudenzi

Giulia is completing her Medical Science PhD at Karolinska Institutet and collaborates as scientific coordinator at the Karolinska’s Centre for Global Health. In parallel to her PhD studies, she was awarded a one-year post-graduate diploma in Interdisciplinary Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. She has experience of Global Health Diplomacy and collaborative action research to sustainable health development. Giulia has traveled extensively and experienced field work in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda.

Sergio Scro

Sergio is the founder of SOGH. His academic background includes a BA in International Relations, an MA in African Studies and a MSc in Public Health, from different institutions in the UK and Sweden. As a student he was member of different unions where he was active and working aside from his programmes. Sergio has been working in the field of sexual health within the LGBTIQ community in London, UK. He has also worked in different NGOs and international organizations such as the World Health Organization, UDHA (Uganda Development and Health Associates), HDI (Health Development Initiative, Rwanda) and others. He has experience in project planning, risk assessment and strategic planning, data collection, project evaluation and staff training.


Sanni Kujala

Sanni is co-founder and former director of SOGH. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from Karolinska Institutet. Sanni is currently working as a data analyst and she’s passionate about using data and evidence-based approaches to improve human health on a global scale.

Daniel Helldén

Daniel is a medical student and a research assistant at the Karolinska Institutet, he is also studying business at the Stockholm School of Economics. He is co-founder of the Global Health Night initiative and has had leading positions in several student organizations giving him extensive experience in management, fundraising and board work.

Daniel is the former Vice Director of SOGH and by being involved in organizations that increase the possibilities for medical students to get experience within the field of global health, he wants broaden the perspective of the medical field and put global health on the agenda.

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